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You can tell me what to wear, Casual converse, lipstick, hoody, I don't care-- I will be me. You can tell me how to walk, Straiten my back, Like it's a rod, I'll still be me.
Natrual beauty is what I favor Foundation hides my outside beauty spotlight Mascara covers my lashes in a sticky maneuver Blush conceals my dimples from sight    I will still be Beautiful inside and out
My hair is too curly So I straighten it The light washes me out So I dim it   I put on my  makeup And strike my pose Bet you'll never see the real me Under these fake clothes  
Eyes hold lies Ears hold lies It is not only the mouth that holds lies Whatever you're seeing is wrong, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Whatever you're hearing is wrong, YOU'RE WORTHY
I stay the same underneath, What my selfie seems to be. Whether on or offline My smile stays the same. I am the player, And Instagram's the game. Underneath the clothes and shining light.
I listen to the same music Over and over   I must be insane   I listen to the sounds of smiles Echos of a multitude of factors   Footsteps on old, tough stairs
Who am I? I'm no one I'm someone, that no one sees I'm outgoing And I'm "here" So why do I feel invisable? Because my name isn't my name My face doesn't look how it should
She sits and wonders to herself,  How she wishes she were someone else.  Her hair as flat as books she reads And eyes the shade of polluted seas.   Turns on the computer and there she finds
She may not be the very definition of beauty but her self-restrained chaos unravels all connotations of the word.    She’s more than a number, more than a status. In a world of never ending can’ts, won’ts, shouldn’ts,
What is a filter? A thing to hide behind? A painted on disguise? To attract the guys  The world we live in we have to try so hard to fit in I can not pretend So maybe that's why I don't fit in
Who am I, a broken clock, Who rings a bell and says tick-tock Amidst the glorious choir sing And silent, stay what they would bring. No repair for many years, 'Twas I who broke the seamless gears.
With #nofilter I am a human A contender of life A mess of flesh and chemicals Flowing constantly.     Only Certain To follow instinct Or change the instinct
When you take away all the fake smiles and forced laughs Take away all things that I've conviced myself that I am Your left with a girl 
The first ones to learn, the first ones to go The oldest children are the first to know The American dream, enticingly close To our immigrant families who love us most
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