Depending On Fire Flies


I rarely see shooting stars
Plenty of airplanes have crossed airways above me,
But they just don’t do it for me.
Being man-made birds make any possible wishes on them seem materialistic.
That is why I depend on fire flies
Nature’s very own organic Christmas lights.
Laying in the middle of a trampoline,
Listening to the night noises and the zipping plus blinking of fire flies has a calming effect on the soul.
Offers release of what has clouded your mind.
No blaring televisions spitting out infomercials about how you need to “fix” yourself.
No obnoxious radios drawing out filthy songs about sex, booze, drugs, or all three.
Just silenced filled with the life of the night.
Not telling you how you should be, think, act, dress, talk, etc.
More or less, telling you to be yourself.
Even with the utter silence, all I can hear is music.
Even with the sky being pitch black, I can see the art before me.
The fire flies painting the stars with each blink of their taillights.
They make the night even more blissful.
Trusting them is easy, even with my deepest wishes.
Knowing that they might carry my wishes off to better horizons
Gives me hope that they might be met and come true.
Depending on fire flies is easy,
It’s depending on people that scares me.


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