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Okay So Now Everything’s... “ COOL “... Because Now The Worlds People Are All Facing Curfews...
The smiling sun crept into darkness And in grave silence sat the silly sky Amidst evening cloud bereaved of moon Lo, shadowy stars sleeping Then came the curfew bell calling Tolling horrifyingly,
What a curse, He saidI haven’t sleptDon’t know why I am cryingAm I depressedHaven’t heard from themShould I fly homeThey are caged inMy thoughts are neither freeShould I fly home
As he walked out Heavy hearted thoughts occupied that feeling of nothingness, for being or not being what for and how far did you not hear, the whispers rumours unknown
Dismay,Creeping deep in bones,Vampires tearing up,The adolescence of today,Yet to embark,Still to grasp,The deceit of the nation,How and when,Why and what for?
  If we got caught we’d be so dead. Everyone thinks we’re asleep in bed. Our music is so loud, We are the bad crowd.
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