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You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. 20 years, no stop.   You leave saying bye.
You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. 20 years, no stop.   You leave saying bye.
People are depressed It sucks but It's the truth They joke haha They smile wide Inside however It's a raging storm
I'm not sure, I can take much more, Living my life I'm not, Things started out oh so promising, Then I began to rot.   Tiredness and doubt fill my mind, Even when there is so much to do.
Donald Trump plans on putting "America First." It seems like that could succeed. Depending first, on what "America First" means and exactly what is guaranteed. "America First" would mean supplying our people
The numbers 2016 will forever be engraved into my mind, Not because of me being confined, But in truth, I became defined, By all of this year’s problems combined.   2016, it started simply divine,
Just draw If you want to paint a panel This is not impossible Put two beaches And their mold Formation of the Palm Falling from leaves Like in a fight with the wind In other side
I'm the following With My tears, which did not dry up SHOOT ME strange winds I was a headline on the faces of crying I'm a human I was born by time the wind Accrue thorns through the Spirit
I never expected anything to come freely,  maybe thats why things aren't so easy. Everything costs something, the cost for love is your heart, and they say no refunds, so what happens when love malfunctions?
Hey can i talk to you? Before I say anything, I want you to know that I don’t need a response. It might seem egocentric but what I am about to say is meant to help me,not you.
You hurt me more than anyone mom, dad you two have caused me so much pain. You say numerous lies that I don't know if I can trust or walk away from. I still need you both now more than ever. Ya'll can't get along for me.
A mess. An ultimate mess. Can't even decipher what the message is, That's how crazy it is. Nonsense.   Pain, hurt, lies. It's all common, yes, but when like this,  It's worse. It's torture.  
Wake up. Hold your breath. Listen.   While you hear the hollers and screams coming from down the hall, You sneak out of bed, hoping not to be heard.
My life Can be so complex but I don't know how to relieve this stress. Problems in my family have me frustrated. My mother
I changed this year, I really did. Is it good or is it bad? Do I like the new me or hate me? Can I even recogniz myself in the mirror? Old friends are no longer friends. New friends take up all of my time.
the game of  life will i hit or will i miss will i live or will i die  will i stay or will i go the game of life is a tricky sport will i mess up or will i be perfect
As death approaches,I hear the glorious soundOf a new life near.
love is not fear.
6/07/13 I must confess That I'm so happy I must confess Its all a lie I Must confess That I'm a wreck I must confess
why do these poeple hate on i? when i try to do what is right. all the time. snakes covering my feet.
I used to love you,
  I love the color red It reminds me of wanting to be dead
Have something to fall back on keep your lawn mowed your grass green when you get older you will see what I mean .
 *Inhale*         Hold.              *Exhale*                  *Inhale* This is awesome.     Breathing,           Eating,               Seeing,
One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhere Oh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down, all around but nowhere
Took my first breath of air on Thursday, May 12th, 1994 at 12:26 p.m.  
Making decisions, breaking hearts
I fought, I defended me.  I am strong event though my enemies  try to weaken me. I am beauty but sometimes I am beast  I been through the fire and now I am walking out with flames,
So I guess it's one of those days Where I feel like I waste my good life away You know, one of those "I'ma do right today."
Been taken I've been mistaken Mislead with all things wrong. what a shame i carry not many thing left to buried
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