No filter scholarship slam

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If you stepped inside my mind, Through my staring brown eyes, You would see the filter fall.   When I look inside my mind, I see the clutter, the disorder, and the beauty of all that I have become.  
Filters on photographs hide so many things like the freckles on my nose and the acne on my cheeks   Filters on my words hide the real me how I sometimes cuss like a sailor
Without filters, my photos bare entry into my soul A crystal clear snapshot of life that Instagram posts cannot hold   When choosing a filter, sadness and sorrow get glossed over and hide
Hearts and thumbs up seem to feed our souls  We feel the need to recieve validation by the touch of others through a screen
No, my look is not copied Original to the core   For some focus on the outer I prefer a beautiful inside Loyalty, Kindness, Honor Trying to be myself Expression through both words and actions
Today I am in my khakis as I am leaving for school. I did not choose them at random for they are a dress code rule. I volunteer each Friday at dismissal and walk the 1.5 mile trek to the city hospital.
I am sorry for everything I do  I am sorry for everything I say I am sorry if this offends you
Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade Why must I use one of these to receive no shade?   No shade for the way my skin has small blotches, But I notice the way he or she watches My face.   
Truth is something one must give to himself.
I remember my father crying When it was time for me to leave— For me to learn to kill At only eighteen.   To load, shoot, reload, Until it was mechanical, I no longer had to think.  
Fragile without facade, honest without harbor, true without tegument; myself, I am, when independence holds me, when no fears bind, when thoughts course with vigor, when heartbeats sound strongly,
Lost Like A Grain Of Salt In A Sandstorm. Living Life Without Proper Purpose. Staring Into A Reflection And Seeing The Unknown.
It doesn't do a lot of talking But for something that doesn't speak It sure says a lot of words. Sometimes, the camera can be this Light that shines on positvity And lets the creative and vibrant vibe come
Flay the skin away Piece by piece Layer after layer   What am I now?   Am I The words tumbling out of my mouth The thoughts rolling in my head The despair deep in my heart
I turned off the filter you happy now? That I look like a mangled, deranged ugly cow? No. Dig Deeper. See what I see. A volcano range of red hot pimples? Oversized white girl dimples?
So what? A phrase I often repeat. I'm a dude who loves Katy Perry. So what? I am a guy who is 16 and a proud virgin. So what? I like writing poetry. So what? I am me. So what?
I am just an Untitled masterpiece,  With the flaws of Judgement,  Others throwing colors at me,  I just want to sing in harmony,  and let others hear the tune of my melody,    But when I am alone, 
What is beauty? What is beautiful? Depends on what you see Someone youthful? Though pictures are less than truthful Cameras are off kilter Making perfection doable With layers of filter
I am beautiful. God has made me into the woman he wants me to be. I am not defined by the number of likes I get on a picture or the number on a scale.
There are a million filters I could choose,
Why Me? Why was I cursed? Having a huge chest Is definitely the worst Nothing fits right I can't ever find a bra They're always too tight Or not tight at all My back really hurts
So who the hell am I? Let's see...   I'm a fricking nerd-dork weirdo with barely qualifyed coolness, I'm an anime weeaboo and self-proclaimed "voice-acting officinado" of sorts,
A flash so loud, That I cannot see myself.  I am witnessed in a photo. Vaguely understanding who the girl is... That I glimpse on glossy paper. Lights cannot hide laughter lines,
  a click of a button after the perfect pose,
When you look into the crowd She won’t stand out She’ll be in the background Watching, observing, learning no doubt   She doesn’t post pictures on Facebook or Instagram
Take my hand and walk with me
Take my hand and walk with me
I have never been one for finding myself.  
The past is always Whispering reminders and warnings, but we must also  Listen to the shouts of the present. The future remains silent.
These thoughts were better left unsaid, Residing deep within my head. But like a child sworn to keep A secret, the words slowly creep From my lips into the air. I chose a truth and did not dare
I walk with pride down the hallways of this hell hole they say the best moments of my lfe will fill I stride past the girls who will one day grow to be everything they think I am
Most of the time i am confused and  wonder which should i choice. So many choices it seems i cant relive stress. Im so focused on doing my best that i dont even do good on the test.
House #1  I don’t remember House #1.  My mom told me it was an apartment in Santa Monica.  Babies are happy anywhere.  House #2
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
I am not interested in being seen as ugly as a flea-ridden rat or as attractive as a shiny pearl, And I care not for taking "selfies" or using social media to acquire friends or followers.
The life of a writer isn't always words on a piece of paper. In a small town lived a lonely girl Haunted by her mind, She left her nest and began to fly. Tears of sorrow and happiness She had cried.
Let the music play... To end the illusions of... Pride that cometh before the- Fear like a snake consuming itself,
Dizzeled and dazzeled and all things frazzeled I am ending my teenage years Happy and lucky  Sappy and ducky These are the things I hear  Sorry and sad Angry and mad
Me without a filter is a home without the realtor I'm independent I'm meant to be more than what society's telling me selling me without the sticker that says I'm old, off the kilter
My dad calls them "selfish-ies" and rightly so
“He says he wants to marry you,” says the boy. “Really? ‘Cuz that sounds like it came outta your ass.” Says I. I do not know why I said it. Normally I’d shrink. Normally, I’d try to brush it off.
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