No Censorship? Cool.

So who the hell am I?

Let's see...


I'm a fricking nerd-dork weirdo with barely qualifyed coolness,

I'm an anime weeaboo and self-proclaimed "voice-acting officinado" of sorts,

I'm an openly casual Christian with not-so-Christian pals,

I'm a loving little lapdog for my overpowering mother.


I'm your friendly neighborhood obese girl with some notable stretch marks to share,

I'm your average Chilean-American with more "white" than "Chilean" within,

I'm your 5' 5" naive optimist, your proud pencil collector,

I'm your messy introvert with some independance on the side.


I'm the driver who can't control her fricking brakes and her fricking turns,

I'm the writer with the imagination of a bratty five-year-old or a snobby maestro,

I'm the pretender that gets through life by being obnoxiously silly,

I'm the badass loner who watches out the windows during parties and drives.


So who the hell am I?

Well, I exist, I guess.


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