The Dark Skin I'm In


Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade

Why must I use one of these to receive no shade?


No shade for the way my skin has small blotches,

But I notice the way he or she watches

My face. 


My face is the color of dark chocolate, but not quite.

Man, how I wish my skin was light.


But then I think, why am I not happy in the skin I'm in?

"You are so beautiful!" I hear from my kin.

Ha. As if.


As if I could believe my dark skin is pretty.

I look at my skin and feel so--


Pretty is the way I should see myself in the mirror,

Maybe if  I clean it, I'd see myself clearer.

Listen to you.


You know you're beautiful inside and out.

You know this, and you know it without a doubt.


Just pick yourself up a bit, comb your hair.

Look at your beautiful face, no makeup, just bare.

Why did you look at your skin as if it were a sin?


A sin to have rich colored skin,

Man I love the dark skin I'm in.

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