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  Sweat, I feel it dripping down, wet. Heavy breathing  I close my eyes, hoping it’s just me dreaming. Softly touches me, I hold him tightly...   Trapped,
A jumble of thoughts Bunch of nonsense Meaningless atoms Combined into ashes An infinite void Of blinding black Of looming white Everything explodes Into beautiful nothing
You open your eyes around noon The thinnest ray of sunlight peeks into your room You feel like your head is on upside down You’re walking on the ceiling
Years fall behind with patience wasted And the young don’t see through the broken glass Only until the climax of guilt from being blind to it But we do accept the dwelling after the wasted years climax  
Ashes to ashes Dust to dust   My heart was consumed by lust My heart ate up by desire My heart burned upon a pyre   Love is lost, kindness gone
When I write, the words flow from my soul into the keyboard as my hands swipe through the addictions of many and lay waste to the clunky keys.
i called him last night it was 5:23 am the phone went to voicemail-he was sleeping because he had to work in the morning my friends tried to take the phone away from me
I could be addicted to heroine, but your love is so much brighter I could swim around in a pool of alcohol,
room spinning eyes watering cheeks flushing lips quivering heart burning  lungs ghasping  just an average night alone in the dark
Growing up, people always asked me, What do you want to be? This question always seemed unfair, because I had to pick out everything from My job to my wife to the way I styled my hair.
I've sat and I've pondered, trying to create The words in my head to explain to you how I feel. How every thought is consumed by you while I lay in bed. How every moment not spent with you, is a moment wasted.
You live each day just like the last Which is why your life goes by so fast You're taught and drilled on how things should be Soon these codes are all you see You strive to do what they've perfected
We are big boys and girls. We know where we're going in life. We don't need to know about the weight you lost over break. We just need what will get us an "A". We need help when we ask for it.
I am sitting here with a needle in my hand, the contents in it...
It started with a touch, a feel, a glimpse. The way your name feels, so soft on my lips. The sound of you, it drives me crazy. They mention your name, I love you, baby. You bring back feelings, long pushed away.
This girl once had a purpose.She strived to be the best.She left it back behind her on the Golden Gate bridge. 
Like a repetitive note hidden in a melody Giving significance to the sky in its remedy Not hearing the flow from a space through a crack Unless the vibrancy is constant in its subliminal act
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