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Y'ALL! I presented this poem in 2017 at a talent show and got a standing ovation. If that isn't skills, I don't know what is. Anyways - thought I lost it, then I found it! Please enjoy.  
Diamond Bertha Glory sparked her way With brilliance and shine she danced Her steps leaving no one astray Her mood was so full of luster She paved a path of a following Leaving not much in the way to muster
I remember crying myself to sleep, seeing no hope for the future. If only Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother could see the damage they inflict on me.
I have a migraine and I'm the only one to blame, blowing up the noise in my mind, racking up the chaos,
Do you ever have those days where your blood rots in your veins, your stomach sinks and your skin itches, your bones burn into dust.
Rapunzel was alone most days and most nights She grew sad and felt no meaning was meant for her Her golden hair grew long and luscious Her once bright purple dress turned cold and frail
I love sleep. From daydreams to nightmares, I could live in my dreams forever. No matter how vivid those other worlds appear to be, Nor how terrifying the chases are,
Image: Les bons et les mauvais jours by Magnetic  
in the mountains, the oxygen isn't enough. i breathe but i want more, more, more. i want to climb higher. i am tired and awake. tears in my eyes, i am laughing. i am so close to the sun, like Icarus, i want to be set on fire
Which is better depression or mania   What is worse organic psychosis or obscure sadness    You see the bright white i see the solemn  grey I don't mean to sound desperate but
I am not who you think I am. But I am him, still.   I am more than what you thought I was. Though I am him, still.   I am nothing more than nothing less - With words and still  
how do you desceice to someone something they have never felt? the tortures existens that god hath delt me each day i promise myself that i will make it threw the day one step at a time.
"Come along!" Said the Man.Though to where,
Many raptures have I felt When thoughts sublime Rise up from conscious blind Akin to stars ascendant to crystal skies. The mind's walls grow thin And space starts to blur
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