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Don’t invite me to any events. I don’t like weddings, funerals, parties, etc.   While others are planning to go out, I’m planning not to go anywhere.   Don’t send me any friend requests,
The Harvest had just begun at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Brother and Sister Brown arrived there early in fancy clothes. The stingy couple did not bring any gifts for the Harvest.
See lips and tongues walk  in voice steps of their words  They perform what legs and feet  couldn’t do now 
My life is full because what I have Came in gifts of 2 A double gift  My God gave me To make my dreams come true My God is great He blessed my life One evening in July
Tinted balloons, silky ribbons and bouquets adorn the venue in mid-autumn Wow! It’s the happiest day in our lives .
People are sending and receiving gifts and letters Some are visiting their loved ones in late December It is the coldest but happiest season of the year .
we are given glasses at the beginning of childhood. we are given infinite supply of: laughter. gifts. smiles. once the glasses break we are exposed to reality. infinite supply of: hatred.
Love misinterpreted. Words of a trickster, with the gift to gab and lips that lie.   Love misinterpreted. Absence in their actions, no care in the world and only tears given to cry.  
  I wonder if you’ll ever believe, in the gifts I see in you. Gifts so real to me; yet, when I sincerely put forth and say, they often get pushed away.
I have made you a scarf,
Give me the sunset in a cupand I'll trap the moon in a jar. Give me the clouds all boxed upand I'll get the stars in a bowl. Give me the sunshine laid out on a plateand I'll have the sky in a bag.
Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see
This world has a lot to take in.It turns and turns stopping for no one
It's a festive, all want gifts... Some like kiss, some like hug, Some like rings, some like else, And some like together as one for life, Some like hear 'I love you' in festive time,
39 Strikes of paint on a canvas telling me to, Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Good Enoug- Im Never Good Enough . . .
Dawn is upon us The blue sky, the beautiful roses Let us be appreciative Of these gifts through our choices.
The greatest curse in the worldis also the greatest gift that youcan give to anyone. It is the gift of creativity,something that cannot be passed downor taught. It is pure and raw imagination.
Spic spac rickety rack you're the talent, I the act aim to please but crowds of one good for the soul, our makings of fun You burn so bright day after day I'm the doer of deeds, of passions so gay
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