The Gifts I See in You


I wonder if you’ll ever believe, in the gifts I see in you.

Gifts so real to me; yet, when I sincerely put forth and say, they often get pushed away.

These gifts, I have the pleasure to admire — time after blessed time.
Though this I hesitate to say, fearing a higher perfection you will seek, to make sure my opinions, stay this way.

Surrounding you are protective walls; you’ve built, so strong and so high.
It’s like I can see them encircled around you, right before, my very eye.

I often wonder, if you’re afraid, to be seen through another's view.
Remembering you grew up with so many critics,
what else could I expect you to do?

Surviving through all those judges, them looking for someone to blame.
It saddens me to know you’ve taken the brunt, and still feel all the shame.

I sense a deep pain, you must feel and carry, when I see you struggle to say: “Inside and out... I am ok.”
For each time during and after, your look will go down, and away.

Oh, how I long to protect you; and take you under my wing.
But, then I sit back and remember, that’s my own disease type of thing.
I hope in time you will trust, and know I mean it when I say: “Your attraction, kindness and strength, are as clear to me... as the day.”

These beliefs, I know, are you.
You are special without and within.
Stop being so tough on yourself.
Self loving is not a damned sin!

My greatest wish of all, is not that you’ll accept all this I speak.
It’s that you’ll find your own gifts and beauty.
Ones’ the Lord gave you, no one can take... gifts you get to keep.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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