racial inequality

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America, a country built on the blood and bones of those who never got to see the “Liberty and Justice for All”
I was built up like The great wall of china I am strong, powerful, impenetrable, Fortified heavily until nothing can hurt me. But like the great wall of china, I am a barrier between realms
September 1st, 1947 James and Brother are told it is an honor to fight for this country an honor to fight for soil cause it just is
Comment me like a facebook post  Label me like a hashtag  Post me up like an innstagram Pic You do not see the  Pain  Struggle  Or ME Its funny  Its sad  It hurts 
We may not think that we are strong enough Let someone try to tear down our identity, and that fire will burn up everything daring to block its path, let alone doubt its power We may think we aren't smart enough
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