America is the new China

I was built up like

The great wall of china

I am strong, powerful, impenetrable,

Fortified heavily until nothing can hurt me.

But like the great wall of china,

I am a barrier between realms

A dream squasher,

Immigrant hater.

Grab your fancy x-ray machines.

Look deep inside.

I am built on sin and murder,

My foundation is stained red with the blood of slaves and hidden bodies are buried within.

I am heavily guarded like the great wall of china

There are guard towers spread out to ‘protect’ me

When in fact I am as trapped as a lion in my zoos.

I am rioting against myself.

White blood cells verses red blood cells.

Tensions increase.

My heart is pounding.

My lungs are weak.

Parts of me are shutting down until to be replaced with newer, bigger, better pieces – all without my consent.

I often dream of my far off relative.

Had the fates dealt a different hand, I may have a different mother.

The wheel is cruel and lacks a reset button.

I imagine soon my borders will be spoken of like the great walls.

500 years will pass and most of my body will be a wasteland.My only use is to create cheap parts for sticky children and greedy men.

I am to become the next cautionary tale,

Tucked in beside Hansel and gretal and the little red riding hood,A warning of what will happen if nothing is changedHistory will remember me in all my glory,and then speak of my faults, the ones that will lead to my downfallfaults that could have been fixed


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



Very creative!

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