Suicide prevention and awareness

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If today I die purposefully,  just know it wasn’t me.   All these voices in my head, they keep me up. At night I barely sleep.
I lie in bed all day with my blinds pulled shut, motionless in the shadows of my own despair   everything feels pointless: the world the people in it my very own existence  
What is poetry? Is it the art of elegantly knitting words together, for the purpose to intice or seduce. Or is it a way to finally help make sense, of the messy never ending chaos inside us?
Be brave little angel it'll be okay, Close your eyes tomorrow is another day. Spread your wings take flight, Together we'll win this fight. Put down the razor put down the knife,
They don’t want you to be like them, they expect you to be like them For so long it has always been What will they think? How will they feel?
You are the moon and I am the stars. So close, yet so very far. They seem to have met a million times. yet somehow, it's still not mine. the moon and the stars still haven't met.
What if I died tomorrow Would anybody care? Would anybody even know I left this world alone No one was there to guide me To help me through the pain
Words harm my soul  This rigid edge no longer dull The stinging pain numbs the true hurt The insults in which you blurt The thin red line that is drawn balances the physical pain
On Saturday I get a text 'Sorry' it says, 'I'm sorry' It is confusing, but I get No answer when I ask It's a mistake, I tell myself And I accept this  
I used to wanna give it all up, but I realized I have people depending on me. I got to thinking, what if I weren't here? Who's gonna lead them in the right direction? And that drove me harder to keep moving forward
I wish there were more people who walked around the streets with sighs that read: "Free Hugs!" I hate to admit,  and I know others are too,  that in my life, I needed those people. 
I scream I cried I couldn't lift a thing My soul cried out For a God I couldn't see I sucked in a breath And it stung like a b*tch Death was near Pain was it's snitch 
Before you open your mouth to spit hateful words,why don't you take a glance at whose around you.
A young girl sits against the wall of her bathroom, Her wrists are all scarred and wounded from her pain. She’s been through hell and back, Alone.  
They call me a slut Tell me I’m a bitch That I’m fat And that I’m ugly.
they don't see it the mask that comes off every day when im alone the pain and tears the cuts and fear do they bother to see it?
I know it might seem like the world is crashing down Trust me I know what it's to feel like that It feels like you're standing in the rain without an umbrella Stuck in an eternal darkness
Loosing faith and all desire, where's determination's fire?  What is life when there's no hope?  Ever better? Can one cope?  Pain that seems too much to bare, eyes that never cease to stare. 
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