Pick me up I feel the changrin rise.

Deep within me something touched the tides.

Sweat on my skin begins to burn my eyes.

water you bring might reach me deep inside.

I see you standing there with nothing on.

The bumps on your skin never really put you on.

I see you look in the mirror to catch a glimpse.

The image you see makes your grin fade in.

And I never made you happy,

when inside you’re knit with sad.

And I’ll never make you happy

and boy aren’t I glad.

Pick me up the dirt is setting in.

Wipe me off with that sarcastic grin.

Peel my skin until I’m free at last.

The water you bring

might reach me deep inside

And I never made you happy

infact it was always far from that

and I’ll never make the highway 

the road that I was on…

Wear me tight and step right in.

Fog the windows with the heat inside.

Wash me off like your greased up pan.

We used to bake that holiday ham. 

I’ll mix right into the bitter suds.

Journey into the drain at last.

It washes off your olive roughed up skin.

How will you ever even think of me again.

And I never made you happy

even when we both were sad,

and I’ll never make you happy

even when we’re both so clean.

And I never made you happ

y even when you know how I mean.

And the happiness your losing is washing me away…

And I’m standing there with nothing on 

A song blown in my heart the stars have all gone home.

I’ll have to wash you out if my hair again

and the way you talk it really is a sin

And you really made me happy

And your coffee was so nice

All the thoughts that killed with envy

Cleanly have to kill me twice.


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