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You and I are what's left of the Big Bang All else has been smashed together again Mixed and abhorred until it no longer resembles the Stardust from which it was made But you, you, you, you
"I feel like I don't really know much about you," Spoken by three friends I have known for over two hundred days. Only a little over half a year is really no time at all though.
Through the fast racing light When light and time intertwined And the line of space and time made jungle vines Out of stardust
He does not deserve you And you deserve someone better. You deserve someone Who can see the fire in your eyes.
They say dead men tell no tales But your story is timeless. Just a man, a concept, An alien being Who made galaxies shiver, Heads turn, Finally returned to stardust.
How could loneliness define My soul’s worth, The way I pull my feet slightly higher off the dirt And my chin goes more towards the heavens, No human should possess such power or arrogance
I danced in this great and ancient forest that have had grown over the course of centuries- leaving half eaten morsels of it’s decaying ancestors to revisit later.
I am a cup of coffee in the morning with a milky way swirl galaxies colliding together in the stillness of the morning the Earth holds its breath my atoms awaken the stardust in my skin vibrates
Upon the shallow shores lay I No, not sleeping,  Merely dreaming, Possibly scheming,  Barely breathing In the salty ocean air.    My face is upturned to the sky Eyes blinking, 
Started long ages ago,
What's in the shadows?What's in the dark?What's tucked away,in infinite thoughts?What is unspoken?What is away?In the mind ofa person,what don't they say?
You walk lightly upon the earth Made up of stardust and love. Running through time in an unresting pace. Awakening like the sun
I was once toldThat we are all made of stardust.Some doubt this theory,But I can testify of its truth.
  Where do we begin? Oh child,              Where do we begin? We begin as thoughts,          made ofStar dust (Yes, star dust)
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