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 Inbetween it seems to be, I miss you deeply with all disbelief.  you've left my side, how can this be? When four years ago you stood tall next to me. As the trees grow taller and nights get longer, I'll always miss you. 
My dearest ZZ,   There are no words that describe you except your name.   Your name is poetry itself, The waves against the sand, The feel of sun on my skin on a warm spring day.  
I have never really had a filter. Not a literal one, however. In a world full of cover ups and blind dates, I stand alone.
There once was a man gone to college He desired to gain him some knowledge
I see myself as a gem I know mysef as a gem A mirror does not have to show me this Photos cannot embody my natural spirit I see myself I love myself I am the gem From every little pore
Everyone keeps a part of themselves Locked away In a place where sometimes, They don't even know How to bring their real selves out.   I am one of those people. There's so much darkness
did you know how much you mean to meor that I absolutely treasure youyour so unique in every way.I may make fun of you in every wayand pick on you for your little quarks
i want to get the new j's that came out   i want gucci   i see people with louie
There are many things I want to do, and one of them is to teach you. I want to teach you how to read a book, and teach you how to skim without a second look.
The days pass as things around me continue spiral down. You notice as all my smiles turn into frowns, as your classroom becomes a haven from a weight to heavy to hold you listen as I explain the reason for my cloths long soiled.
  Sitting in class thinking of the shit to say to seduce you I look into your eyes as you talk about haikus You’re the one exquisite reason I come to school
Poetry is an expression, a form or life it gives hope, it gives power, it's a voice Poetry surronds the heart an soul and splashes the mind with misteries it loves, it cries, it's alive
An uncontrolable urge A mourning desire Placed in my four chambers Burning with intensity of candle fire It's a mystery to what drives man To do the things we are capable of doing
I'm falling apart, i wonder if i'm the only one. Is it possible to feel down at such a lovely time. Isn't this time where everything blooms. I can't figure it out i feel like i'm drowning in an empty pool. Happiness is nothing but an illusion.
Waiting, staring out a tiny porthole, your only contact with the ground and safety, you roll lazily past another winged steel beast. They seem to nod at each other.
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