one job could chage my life


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i want to get the new j's that came out


i want gucci


i see people with louie


i want to be able to help my mom with the rent


no never mind that, i want my own house 




i  dont want to go to school then go home

i want to go to school then go to work 

i cat even pay my own dept for my senior year


living without a job makes me feel like I'm failing 

living without an job makes me look broke

living without an job is living for nothing 


i feel like im just taking up space since im not working for my money

i feel like im not living the american dream


ughhh one job could change my life


if i had a job i could get those j’s

if i had a job i could help my mom

if i had a job i could save up for my own home

if i had a job i would be one of the people that wear louie


only if i had an job


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