Dreaming Of English Class



Sitting in class thinking of the shit to say to seduce you

I look into your eyes as you talk about haikus

You’re the one exquisite reason I come to school

Your hips shake when you erase my writing tool

When you turn around that ass is beautiful

I sometimes make a scene to gather you attention

You think its cute when I flirt and I never get detention

Is that skirt dress code? I defiantly have an erection

At school in my cup you will always find strong potion

My judgment may be clouded but I want to rub you with lotion

I have some higher education after class I’m about to put a blunt in motion

Will you come with me and see how I adventure in life?

Tell your husband to get lost because I want his wife

I think she wants me too because my rhymes are sharp as a knife

Rap and poetry can be the same but every other English class I got a bad grade

Maybe this time I want to do well because of my hopes of getting laid

You may be my Teacher but I don’t much care

I want to smack on that booty and pull on that hair

Reading a story about roosters you look at me when you say cock

You hand me a note that says, “Behind my desk, at 3 o’clock”.



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