I Need You

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i cry for help but my mouth stays closed you see my cries still you know I am crying out for help but you ignore me because its so much easier to ignore someone's cries when you are
I am in a constant state of dream and nightmare One moment, The sun is smiling at me, showing me the world in bright colours,  helping me laught at the bipolarity of life.
I'll always have you Keep you tight within my heart The question is Will you always have me Invite me to every family reunion God I know this isn't how you want me I'll keep saying forgive me
we said we’d never go back  but can we forgive the days in black forget the days of blue all i want is you    you’ve hurt me before and i’ve hurt you too but i believe this can be restored
When I saw you last night you looked happy, joyful, even. When I saw you last night, I wanted to hug you because God you don't know how much I miss you. When I saw you last night every memory we made and every kiss we
      If you ask Google “what are the most essential resources to sustain human life?” Google will tell you that food, water, oxygen and a moderate temperature are the basic necessities for human survival. 
Boomerang, boomerang, where are you? I threw you away when I didn't need you. You needed my hands to hold you, but I did not want to. Now you're far, far away where I cannot find you.
The roads I traveledSo long and windingAnd painfulHave worn my pure heart out
I find myself lost as if I fell from a peak The mountain I stand on is no more Tumbling down a sea of diamonds – all unique Part of an avalanche, a moving floor
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