The Confession You Will Never Read


 If you ask Google “what are the most essential resources to sustain human life?”

Google will tell you that food, water, oxygen and a moderate temperature are the

basic necessities for human survival. 

With that being said,

 I would like to formally announce that I am not human.


I’ve come to this conclusion

upon realizing that,

against all logic and reason,

You are the only thing essential to my survival.


The night I thought I lost you,

the wind did not blow.

The moon did not shine,

and the stars did not shimmer.

The Earth stood still.


The entire universe took a moment of

silence for the impending death of our

beautiful love.


I felt my insides slowly crumble.

Pieces of myself were scattered all across my bedroom floor,

completely disfigured

and utterly unrecognizable.


 Memories of you were nestled

comfortably between the wrinkled sheets

of my bed and the fabric of my clothing.


They burned my skin and left me

wounded so severely that

 every drop of cool water that ran down

 my skin as I tried to wash away your memories

 burned like an eternal flame.

 You were everywhere.


My happiness poured out from my eyes

for six consecutive hours

until not a single drop

remained within me.

All of this, because you sent me

six simple words

that will be forever engraved in my mind.


 You asked me,

“When do you want your stuff?”

If I had the strength to reply, I would have told you that

I didn’t want a thing. 


You couldn’t haven given me back my “stuff” if you tried.   

You couldn’t have supplied me

with the fragments of my heart

that have become permanently

intertwined with yours. 

You could never have replaced

the hours of sleep that I lost over you,

or the countless daffodils that

I plucked and blew,

always wishing for you.


I discovered that night that “basic human needs”

do not satisfy my survival requirements.

I don’t need food when

Your love is the supplement of strength that I require to grow and to survive. 

I don’t need water when

Your words are my source of rejuvenation, flowing perfectly and clearly into me,

necessary for my clarity and my strength.

I don’t need oxygen when         

Your touch takes my breath away and breathes life into me all at once.

I don’t need the sun when

Your presence alone keeps me warm.

You are the scintillating ray that serves to

make each of the little moments in my life shine with significance.


You are the center of my universe.

 I Need You.

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