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As as kid, I never felt obligated to the world. I was always easygoing, and a vulnerable little girl.  I never had to question being good enough.  Or worried about having to be tough. 
You say Rebellious I say I am finally growing a pair You say attitude I say I’m finally standing up for myself You have taught me to stand up for myself
Chapped lips Pale face, Little World Big mistakes. I may seem troubled from your point of view But I have no regrets. You can keep me locked in your chains, But does that protect me or you?
With unsteady hands and a shaky spirit
Intelligent, Confident, Brave, and Beautiful, four words that I thought never lived in my identity, look behind those words and you'll see their opposites,
We, like the forever wind, rage like the gemstone sky, scare like the diamond fire, sear We are, like a roaring train, a force like her ocean eyes, electric like the sun’s breath, gold
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