Sun, 09/14/2014 - 03:13 -- Soulae
four words that I thought never lived in my identity,
look behind those words and you'll see their opposites,
that's what I thought I was meant to be,
they were implanted into my head and blossomed into hatred,
I'm glad I saw darkness first,
cause if I didnt, the light would never be in my rear view,
I fell hard 1, 2, 3,
hell I can't count how many times,
I don't have that many fingers, 
but it's true I got knocked down again and again by fear,
but I never stayed on the ground,
I guess God always had a plan,
I still have my struggles but I'm better than before,
Now I have an attitude,
A good one, 
meaning in a good way,
I'm rebellious now,
A rebel to the core,
I really don't give a care anymore about opinions cause I'm finding myself,
so for anybody that thought the worst on me can kick rocks,


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

excellent job in describing yourself

well written

very detailed


thanks, I wrote that randomly like 3 in morning.

I wasn't even thinking about the detail I just wrote it with no thought process (lol)

Check my poems I did under the title "Diary of Spontaneous Poetry Day 1"

It's multiple poems I did with no titles, and no purpose from them just randomly written.


i like the confidence, its mixed with a great passion which clearly comes through,

i think depending on your view anyone can fit them or not fit them, i truly believe perception is realit, great job poet 


thanks, appreciate the comment.

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