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You order us to work for almost nothing in return knowing you need us
They ask my why I believe in God  When God doesn’t do shit  When God is not there when young men become refugees of war When children’s bodies shrivel up from starvation 
Unified in our individualism, we collectively suffer… We live in a system defined by hierarchies and divisions yet we still say it’s for a greater good that will eventually benefit everyone.
There was a commie named Sanders Claus. Most youths adore him with an applause. He gives citizens free stuff, But critics call on his bluff. One day, he pinched himself with his claws.
Guns don't help American society.  Need Less bomds, less guns, more aid.  Soical plans only help America.   
That by Israel, the Palestine are the True Chosen, And that the Chosen be the Devil's Synagogue. And as that, Anarchy is Order; & Leadership is Chaos.
Come all of you poor workers, good news to you I'll tell. Of how that good old union has come in here to dwell. We are starting our good battle we know we're sure to win because we got the gun thugs looking pretty thin.
When that I was a little tiny boy, Me daddy said to me, ’The time has come, me bonny bonny bairn To learn your ABC’.
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