You order us to work for almost nothing in return knowing you need us

 Telling us to be content and grateful  Yet when we fight for our rights and organize we suddenly become the rebels everyone needs to hate We’ve been taught to be thankful that we live in your house since birth on repeat by the speakers you control Always being told to be appreciative  we have a mouth but when we speak you take our tongue You classify us as being radical and unrealistic yet when we speak to you you lean on the lies you've spread for decades to discredit us You convince us that competition is the answer but all that has done is make us act like gladiators fighting and killing our equals for your entertainment  You sit on your throne as bright as emeralds you claim you worked for yet your hands show no work, your feet show no wear, and your back shows no pain You laugh at us as you’re surrounded by your mischief all around you puppeteering those we “vote for”  Slowly we are realizing that this is not your house, you didn't build it, you didn't get the resources, this is our house that we all help build and maintain so we all are equal and deserving of the ease of life you have Count your days on your throne as soon those who truly worked for it will wake up and take back what is theirs and then maybe you'll realize we don't need competition to motivate us  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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