I'm a 21st Century Heathen

They ask my why I believe in God 

When God doesn’t do shit 

When God is not there when young men become refugees of war

When children’s bodies shrivel up from starvation 

When people are trapped in concentration camps and having their organs harvested

When young women have their faces disfigured by acid attacks

When thousands of women suddenly disappear into the silence of international sex slavery

When mothers are separated from their children when crossing the border for seeking new dreams and new opportunities for those children

When children are killed every year in school shootings by military grade weapons and “mentally unstable” white schoolboys

When black men are pushed against the sidewalk by white cops for holding a comb

When white women ask my mom if she speaks English

When every day of my life I have to prove my worth as a poor woman of color

And this poor woman of color still has the audacity to believe that these old rich white punk ass motherfuckers will do anything for her and for her family

When she has begged them day and night to listen, to put her uncle who was beat up in a hate crime on the news, to give her the medical and educational support this country has stolen from her, to not ban her mother’s country’s people from entering this country because they are the only people who can understand the hell you’ve put me through—

So yeah, when you ask me why I believe in God

It’s because God does more shit than you ever will

Because it’s not that God has shown me any miracles

But at least God has given me something to believe in

Because you have made me disbelieve in you. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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