good times

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Why did no one tell us of The wretched death of friendships In the years of our flowering youth, When all companionry seemed portentious Of tomorrow? No expiration Seemed to us inevitable, lurking
What is love? 
What is love? 
Drink, drank, drunk... Kerplunk. A woman across the bar has been eye fucking you for a while now but you were too far gone to notice and that ship has sailed and sunk. Felines vs. the K9s.
Heels on Makeup done  Dress on  Picture posted    I'm here  Move out of the way  I'm gonna blow your mind  I'm gonna crush this tonight   Look out world Here I come 
Reaching out into the darkness of night I count the flickering stars, and watch the leaves dance like flames glowing in the moon's silver light. The wind runs its cool fingers through my hair,
Delicate blips spark a memory. A swelling of silence; a swelling of impatience, Followed by a combination of bird chirps and stones dropped in water.
Less than a year before I leave So short time I can hardly believe As that day approaches I start to reminisce About all the things I'm going to miss.   My friends, my peers it has been six years
I am me  You are you We are different in more ways than seem true  You are not perfect, and neither am I, You are thin, and I am wide.  But while all of this is true,
On tuesdays,  We went to the movies. And I wouldn't trade a dime,  To have worked those nights,  Instead of eating popcorn.    In June,  We went to the beach.  And the heat of the sand, 
I do not see your physical body Your physicality is beautiful beyond measure Your personality eminates frequencies of joy beyond conception Your character stands tall with virtue and honesty
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