Less than a year before I leave

So short time I can hardly believe

As that day approaches I start to reminisce

About all the things I'm going to miss.


My friends, my peers it has been six years

All enjoyable though some were queer

With all of you I have had many laughs,

As the years continue to go and pass.


My siblings, my brothers I love you so much

I'll call everyday so we'll stay in touch

But while I'm gone, my stuff shan't you bother,

regardless I'll love you my little brothers.


Mom and Dad, we "fight" day and night,

To assure I grow like a star so bright,

Like a plant needs the sun, you glow and provide

Forever, I'll love you, my eternal guides


So many I'm thankful for I always lose track,

As before my eyes goes this mini flashback

The past be the past, the future draws near

Until graduation, my final high school year.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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