broken promises

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Lies, all the lies you speak Empty broken promises Yet your spirit is so care-free Why? Why does your acid only eat at me? Fragments of trust Broken, lay at my feet Your lies have cut me
Promises that you said you’d keep  Are diminished by true reality  Found out that the fantasy we lived was cheap 
shivers down my spine at the thought of you leavin' me behind after all that we have been through you made me think it was always gonna be me and you now, as you head for the door 
Dear you, You have hurt me deeply    Everything about me is suffering Coated with anger only to reveal the sadness underneath
My Lover,  It all started  with a promise                            A promise, a wish                           a dream, a thought   this all started with a promise  
They all say i look just like youBut not knowing you made me who i am today I never really bothered to ask why you wouldn't stay Whyd you turn your back?Whyd you make it about you? 
To a child a pinky promise is magical, It can't possibly be broke. But as we lose our childish sparkle in our eyes Pinky promises seem a little less magical .
Labels are a dangerous thing. It’s good to feel like the happy girl,
I saw you today, and I was ecstatic. But you couldn't care, less than ever.  Hadn't seen you for ever, I was so happy, to finally be reunited.  You just seemed to have forgotten Who we used to be. 
Promises are easily broken, Trust me, I should know, Promises are meant to be kept, Not broken, Like broken glass, Into all these shards, Cutting you, And reminding you that
You were my Joker,I was your Harley,We kicked it together,Being chased by that stupid Bats on our date nights.
She's a demon, she's a spider, Where's the cigarette lighter?   A promised kiss, a promised liar, Don't approach; where there is smoke there is fire.  
A promise is a contemptible thing Whether by word or pen or diamond ring Because most promises come from a foolish bloke Whose lips before his mind have spoke   All promises root in an abstract idea
I broke my promise.
Daddy, do you remember when I was young and I'd run to you with all my problems? You always promised me that you'd do anything to make me happy, You didn't want to raise your children the way you were raised.  
No longer can I be myselfSo I sit broken on a warm spring weekendAs every little thing seems to burn to a crisp.My legs are restless and torn from the constant shaking.
My soul it screams; my skin it sings. Don't you know what this means? My mind cries out; my spirit shouts. Don't you see what you've done to me? Scream against the world;
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