Environmental Justice

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the ashes have gathered against skyline and upturned plan making late summer a hazy funeral   I breathe in the forest fires the old oaks and their stifled fates
I am anchored here: four walls and a kitchen from which a holy spring flows, imbued with chlorine, fluoride, and trihalomethanes, words which sound like spells without the rhythmic bounce found in nature.
There is an abnormal businessman Who is a corporate partisan. He taints all oceans with oil, Which contaminates the soil. Afterwards, he is a garbageman.
The Forsaken American Dream Stars and stripes shine so brightly in the night Red and blue lights, ready for a fight Stolen Ancestors in chains, chains In the land of the free
The birds call out to us and the whales sing from the depths, What has the world become? We can hardly take breath, Our air is smog and our water is black, We depend on oil, which depends on frack,
Trees, A thousand years old, Touched by a thousand hands, Fingers trailing softly over rough bark. Trees, A thousand feet high, Home to a thousand birds,
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