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Perhaps one more before I go. This one is dedicated to the men, a man’s height beneath the floor.   Sitting in chairs, until the room starts spinning.
take 1 part desiccated heart petals, stained with blood of human yearning   mix with 2 parts fossilized true love  
holy fever from heavens light you are a child of the cosmos and ruler of the skies they will cower before you and you will teach them what fear truly is
In Sound Mind I wander without taking much along The lighter I am The higher I fly Into the unknown Truly this A gift to behold As speed is light A breathe of air
the stars fell from the skys, and settled upon her cheeks.    moonlight flowed from her fingers,  illuminating everything she touched. 
I came from the moon- A crater left in the wake  Of a girl who couldn't stay still The changing faces of my father Trying to find the daughter he carved- Never content because he can't find me
Imagine making love amongst the stars with the Milky Way for our bed while the galaxy watch As the planets orbits around us our climax would be like that of a supernova creating our own constellation
Earth is big And blue Reaching around for miles and miles in as an oblate spheroid Tilted on an ever turning axis Hanging in the fabric of the cosmos like bulb on a tree
Laying on my bed of deep green,
Me without a filter is a home without the realtor I'm independent I'm meant to be more than what society's telling me selling me without the sticker that says I'm old, off the kilter
The draw of his affection pulled as if the center of his soul Was a binary star to her impeding gravity.   The point at which his universe collided into hers Became an instance of impenetrable serenity.  
This man is my light, my rock, my shinning star and setting sun,
the faggot in the reflection of my space helmet visor is my only friend. with shaggy shorn hair and big eyes and a hollow cheek bone that holds in my silent tongue. i have etched lessons in my skin, leaving silver lines
Of wormholes And hyperboles, Of mispronunciation   Of sci-fi, And of grammar, And of fun-facts by the dozen   Of kites And cars, Kaleidoscopes,
I saw myself before I was born, before my first digits twitched, before the first beats of my heart, before the chance meeting of my parents, before theirs did, and before them,  
When I look to the sky, I know... I know I used to be there, a small clump of atoms in the stars of someone else's sky,   As I peer back 13.7 billion years, I know...
The bright Milky Way Spewing out from the Cosmos Flows into my life
The vast universe Filled with life, death, and rhythm All exists in us    
Ancient skywatchers gather treasures for all humanity Mapping the cosmos Charting the waters of the sky A gigantic figure, an intermediary between two realms Keeping track of time The old light lives on
Dionysus hazed reality, Patronizing life’s malleability. Amethyst cannot prevent this truth, When a bard’s words run dry and uncouth.
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