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That was the first time I didn't want to runThe first time I wanted to live it through,But I was caught up in my wishes and went blindThat I could no longer see the truth.
I adore all the scars that you've showed me,I respect all concerns that you have,But my heart is full of longingFor the things that we'll never have.
A friend who dies is something like you. Your eyes are the white hue of blindness when you look at me, The blankness in weather worn gravestones, Mere opaqueness, You are the death in us,
I can't keep acting  like nothing is wrong. I can't keep saying stuff like I'm fine.   I can't just let you walk on me anymore. I can't just let you “OWN”me anymore.  
Lunae Lumen, moonlight so bright I forget I’m in the dark The night is cold and empty, a mirror of how I felt After I hurt you.
To the boy who stole my life,   They say sticks and stones may break your bones But my back still aches from the knife I never deserved because all I ever did was
  You wouldn’t know it if you met her But her moods can make Hurricanes in your soul Storms that pour and destroy And seem to last forever
Did I call you beautiful enough? Was I so careless as to Confine those words to a feeling? That time you sat on the counter While we made heart-shaped cookies
I think break-ups are so hard because You’re not only severing yourself from the person But from the symphony, and the sandwich shop You used to go to before each show
I want the ugly pictures back. I want them plastered on social media and loaded in your phone. I want the screenshots of every single snapchat or selfie back.
She's dead and I'm gonna die And this will all come to nothing, because I don't do things half way This won't end peacefully I might smile as I burn the things that I have to get rid of
God, I hate you.I hate how you deleted me only when you found someone elseand I hate how your friends say the same things about her.I hate how you use the same goddamn places,our memories, and our pick-up phrases,
The pain. The confusion. 
One kiss, one touch Was all it took to fall in love But now the happiness is gone And I very-much long To be away from you To be safe from you You poison my heart Tearing my confidence apart
Leaving you A hundred tears roll down my cheek I choke on my preplanned speech I am scared wondering Why you look so frail You make it hard to speak But I must do what’s best for me
Wait for him? More like, waste away for him. Spend your days on him, just…   waiting for what? The moment when his nonexistent conscious will speak up And remind him…  
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