Picture's clearer

Sun, 09/20/2020 - 14:52 -- kami.s

That was the first time I didn't want to run
The first time I wanted to live it through,
But I was caught up in my wishes and went blind
That I could no longer see the truth.

But once I'm distant, picture's clearer
I now do understand you well
You didn't want the past to be repeated,
Preferred your safety shell.

I do not judge, I am aware
It's scary to trust people,
To open up and share
Your darkest secrets.

It's fine to take precautions,
Keep distance, and be scared.
When a heart has already been broken,
It needs some time to get recovered and prepared.

I wish you all the best, my darling,
I'm glad I've met your precious soul.
You'll never stop inspiring
And being someone who's dear and close


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