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  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
Underneath the mask I wear, shrouded by the darkness.
The perfect skyline Promises all the mystery and beauty
I am a mere pedestrian Doomed to live a momentary existence Leaving your cerebrum as soon as the light turns
There is a certain Kind of feeling which cannot be Explained— Like the feeling when it rains, or When someone you love Dies—one which goes Beyond words, beyond expression. Feelings which can
Half the Christmas lights burned out above my head just like my dreams. "Don't be so dramatic."  
The long path way,
She stood, hair lapping in the frigid night air, at the coast. The rocky barrier separated the gravel road from a smooth, black and lapping bay. It was pitch black, like thick coffee with grinds that managed to escape into the brew. Lapping.
A hand of tension One finger down at a time Three...Two...One Eyes close The wind blows The rain falls The house falls The cradle tips A tear drops Our hearts break
As I speed down the interstate the only thing I see is headlights and tailights for miles. Driving is a passion that keeps me sane, helps me escape, makes me smile. Speeding along,
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