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The metallic whisper of the tin roof Greets me as I enter. Air full of dust motes, Wall full of holes. The lonely call of a blackbird,
Here you are A hole in my heart Waiting for the gum To fill up inside   Friendly fire In the game of hearts
I see the light  I’m crawling out
I wish I could write, Somebody please teach me to read. The only thing I've learned in 12 years is... Why X left Y for Z. I can't fill out my tax form, There is simply no hope.
Aftermath   The fire is hot.     It burns way deep down in your soul.     It sits there searing away inside you,   until you feel charred.    
Passion is so familiar I breathe it. It underlines every aspect of my expression now suddenly, I find it pushed off I suppose it was lost among shadows cast by my strained thoughts
In my childhood I climbed holly trees and magnolia. Innocence was a summer day Locked outside with your bicycle; Locked outside with the water hose; Locked inside your room.
Promise me you'll listen. Promise me you'll understand. Promise these aren't empty promises someone will make again. Nothing stops the images. Nothing stops the pain.
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