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I'm a jerk  but there are worse things to be Sure, you can change your face and your waistline  but there's not much I can do  about my personality    Yeah, I can watch what I say 
It is kind of a funny story
You are just a memory now, a whisper in the wind.  I never thought that you would be in my closet of memories. I thoguht that we would always be making memories, together. 
Wow you used me for your pleasure then threw my away like trash 
It’s plain to see that I was a second choice. You can’t even get your mind off her when you’re with me. You kissed me. You made the first move.
i bet you thought you were hillarious i dont blame you;everyone was laughing you saw the cuts on my ankle...and i saw in your eyes you knew "what happend are you emo or something" wow how cute
I was an ass. I was shy but an ass. When I worked up the courage to talk, all this gross undeserved arrogance would spill out like: "I'm probably smarter than you."
The meanest thing you ever did Was turn my life into a Taylor Swift song We could’ve been a beautiful Rascal Flatts Or a Martina McBride or maybe even a Darius Rucker But no. You had to turn us into
if if only if only you if only you knew of the pain you put me through
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