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My green lady   Your amber countenance long kissed away by the seas' invisible lips   All the while looking on as your city claimed land hand over fist  
How many more newscasts before we decide it's enough? How many more broken parents and friends before we choose to make a change?  How many more children need to die before anyone can say goodbye? 
The United States is one of the greatest to exist For its freedom of our citizens will forever persist. Some say that freedom is a made-up ideal But our constitution and rights have never been appealed  
Come on down To Charles-town Get Your D.L. But Give Us Your Name, Address and Cell   Don’t Worry, Your Information is Secure Until We Sell It Out the Backdoor How Dare Congress Enact
Congress Can’t Dictate         Law Enforcement Officers’               Efforts to Obey   Oh, No! Gepeto
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to treat humans like humans and dissolve the political and racially prejudice bonds that drive a heinous wedge between us.
People see my gifts and abilities, And they say,"Consider yourself lucky." They tell me I'm lucky, Because I believe in a God that tells me I' free, I'm born into a family of white priority,
Another day another conflict. It's an ongoing fight. Another law passed to strip us of our God given rights. They take away our land. They keep their hands in OUR pockets.
I don't understand "All people created equal" But their love is still banned.
All men are created equal Equal meaning what? Try and try again Give ME the definition
Though I'm a woman I know that I am freeThe constitution is alive,a river flowing from sea to shining sea.and despite the fact I'm under 18I know it's not because of my skin that I can't vote, 
Guns don’t kill people People kill people People with guns kill people People for fun kill people People with psychotic dispositions kill people People with the wrong mental composition kill people
She needs protection. She is just weaker. This is a man’s world. His ego is the leader. He believes he’s in charge. Speaking of his tyrant wisdom, He gives orders at large.
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