All Men Are NOT Created Equal

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 20:40 -- rjg1221


All men are created equal

Equal meaning what?

Try and try again

Give ME the definition

Equal meaning what?

"Who asks this question?"

You may ask

A man set to finish a task

Finding the answer is his goal

I am a black man

From the Jim Crow south

I speak up, I die

Or get punched in the mouth

Equal meaning what

Maybe treated well

Are only the whites

But for us blacks

We go through all the strife

Maybe blacks are thought equal

Equal to the dirt

Stepped on, kicked up, and spat at

Our babies taken at birth

How can all men be created equal

When all men aren't even counted

You don't see no white get on his knees

And scream out to his master, "Stop please!"

Blacks are sold

And even bought

They run away they're sought

Until they're caught

Who asks this question

Equal meaning what

I, a black man

But if said too loud

Massa may burn my butt

Who, asks this question

Or what asks this question

Am I a person or a thing

In a white man's eye

I am a black MAN

From the Jim Crow south

I speak up, I die

But the black world hears my cry.


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