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My hands began to shake and tremble as I read the message you sent, nothing but silence filled the air as my relationship just disappeared. We were us and now we are; you and me,
You don't see mestanding there - watchingwaiting. Even with the Moon'sfull glare-longinghoping. I whisper your Nameto the quiet night - watchingwaiting.
I wish for real happiness. I wish for exquisite love. I long for the wishes upon the shooting stars to come true.
When they told me you were gone,   a cold hand stilled my heart.   When they told me you were gone,   a hard, heavy foot stomped the air from my lungs.  
Why did you leave me behind? Was is becase of your pain? Or was it because of mine? I wish you could of talked to me, before you left me behind. I miss you daily,
Daughter left behind, though her semblance seems strong, she yearns to loved.
Everything seems to be getting better for everyone except me. Is it because I don’t try hard enough? Is it because I don’t pray enough? Or is it because this is just where am I supposed to be? I’m stuck in a rut.
I'm sitting here, lost inside my own head, losing my thread, not sure if I'm alive or dead. My mind can't seem to catch a grip on reality, I'm slipping away from sociality, watch out for my whismicality.
i watch you the way a caged bird watches the sky and when i think of you i see those blue eyes (they are my sky) and they look into mine and, oh god, i'm pretty sure you can read me like a book because i've got my heart
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