Beware of Bears

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 21:18 -- Hsebol

I'm sitting here, lost inside my own head, losing my thread, not sure if I'm alive or dead. My mind can't seem to catch a grip on reality, I'm slipping away from sociality, watch out for my whismicality. Because when I reach out to you, you push my hands away, leaving me to astray, seeing how far I can get away. But when I form a smile, its easily broken down, my frowns are too abound to even be expound. You think I wanna be this way? Day after day? I need to get away from my dismay. If I'm thinking too much, maybe I just care, its too much to bare, when I know that you aren't there. I'm feeling alone, and maybe that sounds meek, but being strong is bleak, to someone who can't be weak. For even if when I try to allow myself to love, I get treated so rough, by the ineveitable push and shove. So let me take this time to explain this to you, its nothing new, now try not to misconstrue. See we live in a world where actions speak louder, and your words got me floundered, you've made me a doubter. Cuz when things seem right and they got you smiling again, they contend you, mend you, make you feel like they comprehend you. Then they leave you high and dry like a bird in the summer air, unaware of the debonair, they eventually won't be there. And me, hey, ill just describe it in spite as a love that was unrequited.


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