My Wishes


I wish for real happiness.
I wish for exquisite love.
I long for the wishes upon the shooting stars to come true.

Once, I could move mountains for You.
But now I can't move Myself.
My heart is broken and left behind.
My pain inside my empty chest still throbs without Your warm embrace.

Darkness has consumed My happy thoughts,
Loneliness has replaced My ambitious goals.
Friendship has forgotten Me.

Unbalanced, unfinished, left behind in madness.
My heart aches! Why won't it stop!
Leave Me alone!
Go away. Leave Me behind. Why won't you let Me go?

The summer light upon My frozen hands warms Me, comforts Me, frees Me.
Yet, My hands wish for You to hold them.
They wish for Your warmth. For Your light.

Frozen in time and lost in space,
I am but My past.
Stuck in the never ending pattern of day and night, only to be forgotten by those who once loved Me.

The past was perfection,
it was true enlightened happiness.
The world was brighter with great greens and bright blues.
Life was just

I need My life back.
I need My happiness back.
I wish for it all to come back,
You must come back to me.
To bring back my light and warmth and color.
For all My wishes to come true.


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