clean environment

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Through the dark void our majestic Earth revolves A resplendent blue orb, floating in a peculiar way Tilted towards our sun, winter's discontent dissolves Free from the cold clasp, life is now perky and full of play
The Sun is arising, The Earth is being lightening With thy glistening rays. The gentle-bleeze blowing To the East to West. Wow! I took a sea-breath And felt, that my soul is touched by the
Be still Take a moment  Breathe in  Step outside  Let the weather caress your skin To realise  The world is bigger 
I am famished and I need Food, I am Thirsty and I need water but I prefer takeaway Are we going to watch the effect with our Black hair ignorantly till it turns grey?
I’ve never been good at starting a conversation. The idea of initiating a dialog used to seem as though it was easy . As if the books I read had all the answers, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work once you look out into the world.
Lagoon. Clear like glass cup Uncovered by sunlight. No greenhouse gases are emitted. Lagoon.
When the birds stop singing And the grass is dry When the heat is overwhelming, Goodbye, Goodbye.   Never again seeing, or hearing the cry, Of the wolf howling, Goodbye, goodbye  
Change can be bad but occasionally it is good Knowing the difference between the two is like knowing the difference between wouldn’t or would.
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