Good Morrow

The Sun is arising,
The Earth is being lightening
With thy glistening rays.
The gentle-bleeze blowing
To the East to West.
Wow! I took a sea-breath
And felt, that my soul is
touched by the
Heaven breeze.
As the Angel is in
mine hand kissing.

The sky seems clear
Like the crystal Ocean.

It's 6'O clock.
No peasants are seen
On their Golden field.
All the people
Are still sleeping.
Roads are all empty
Like herbsless Green.
No one is seen.
No one is seen.

But heard! Only that
The birds chirping.
The annoying honking
Have been replaced
With it's sweet chirping,
Trees waving, and leaves rattling.

It's 6'O clock.
But what I'll do-?
No one has woken up
Everyone is still sleeping.
What a strange morning!
But, Oh, my Nursling
I want to say-
Good morning.

By- Md Ismail


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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Md Ismail

To my beloved

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