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I need my fucking space. I take my place in fucking Space Spacebound Spacewalking Spaced-out
We’ll sail through the galaxies, conquer the stars, Reach through the cosmos, colonize Mars. As a spacefaring civilization we’ll find,
Oxygen deprivation Is an awful thing indeed Light headedness, blackout Hemoglobin in desperate need But yet as scary as this seems Of all the priorities it supercedes It's nowhere near as vital
Notice all the Space up there  Swirling galaxies, shooting stars Black holes bending light Gravity holding us all down As humans fight each other Over the electron of an atom Which is our Earth
Only now, the living, the loving and the dying all come together in this underwater world. the water clear and transparent
So far, no longer With technology and mind stronger Galileo could never dream that in reach was the moon's seam. With my own hands  and Armstrong's stands the Moon--light years away
the faggot in the reflection of my space helmet visor is my only friend. with shaggy shorn hair and big eyes and a hollow cheek bone that holds in my silent tongue. i have etched lessons in my skin, leaving silver lines
I can’ t paint with a brush  that well, But I know how to paint with a pen and an ink well. My words form pictures that pictures themselves couldn’t describe. Your photograph may be worth 1000 words.
I reach for the stars, I will be an astronaut. No one can stop me. 
She was an astronaut and he was a poet. He's known of her since elementary school.He's known her since before he knew of the words he should've used to describe the way she jumped off the jungle gym like Armstrong stepping on the moon for the firs
Eyes can't Imagine whats there, deep in that open space, so why we travel lightly? , when we could have the best, now looking to mars, If aliens exist what would we do? ,
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