Our Cosmic Heros

We’ll sail through the galaxies, conquer the stars,

Reach through the cosmos, colonize Mars.

As a spacefaring civilization we’ll find,

That’s there’s plenty of asteroids ready to mine!


The Earth is our spacesuit which no longer fits;

Miss it, we will, as we leave on our ships.

The Milky Way? Now child’s play.

On millions of other small motes of dust,

We’ll cure all our ails; live for what’s just.


Meticulously crafted feats of engineering,

With hundreds behind us clapping and cheering.

Cry when our children see that pale blue dot;

Smile and laugh at the now distant thought.


All of us together in endless space-time.

Each of us ready for a long life sublime.

All stars dwindle and every galaxy dies

But here we are now...


We yearn for the skies.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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