Sat, 08/18/2012 - 07:21 -- FizTzle


United States
31° 7' 8.058" N, 83° 26' 34.8432" W

Eyes can't Imagine whats there,
deep in that open space,
so why we travel lightly? ,
when we could have the best,
now looking to mars,
If aliens exist what would we do? ,
keep fooling around(might not be a world) ,
cause we destroying minds to foolishness,
I want to be a astronaut,
travel a million miles away,
so then they can't find me,
pluto look like pluto on show,
second world like second mention,
so my new job makes good money,
to support her & children,
on my could toes(steping on the moon) ,
it is peaceful lookin down to earth,
stars gather like astro,
we can always take it slow,
like a astronaut i'm flying,
feel free in my mind.


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