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You were a terrible friend. Words really cannot express how unpleasant it was to be friends with you.
I've had a long day, full of three quizzes and a test, I want to get home, take a break and rest. Maybe ignore the homework for an hour, please? I get to the kitchen, turning the oven to 400 degrees,
Feeling the flames on the side of my face; Smiling, laughing in this bustling space. I have found where I belong- All hopes are high. Nothing can go wrong. My arm burns from whipping. The eggs froth and foam,
Reaching for something great, It's almost here I cannot wait. Following my dreams and not giving up,
Baking It's always been my passion But I never realized How much work it could be From the schooling to the fees I never knew how much work it really was But even though it's tough
The Joy of Baking   Do what you love Never work a day Alone in the apartment Just the oven and I.   I bake up a storm Never stopping to worry Just cookies and cakes
They say it is a gift to watch the sport of life play by play in perfect precision. Let them have twenty of twenty five of five. They ever so laissez faire.
To become famous is a dream of mine, I've told myself that a couple of times. Being known, Traveling the world, Or to be looked down upon with plenty of stares?
Smooth, wood shelf, open and close Silver, shiny curves, empty dome White powder, packs and flies Pure crystals, numerous and fine Pale yellow, takes a new form Flowing liquid, slowly pour
The smell of 'nanas fill the air I really just can't wait The oven is so heated now The bread is surely late   My patience is a'lowering The smell is just too strong
My two bare feet standing, moving throughout the small kitchen. Sounds of pans being placed on the counter, spoons in metal bowls The fridge opening and closing, the timer of the oven beeping and the mixer running.
The simple ingredients make it good. Mixing and whisking, adding and stirring, Batter is forming, like any cake would. “When is it done?”, my sister’s incurring, Not long now, for the cake is soon rising.
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