An Oven and a Recipe

I've had a long day, full of three quizzes and a test,

I want to get home, take a break and rest.

Maybe ignore the homework for an hour, please?

I get to the kitchen, turning the oven to 400 degrees,

Grabbing the old recipe and try not to rip the page,

I grab my ingredients and set the stage.

Salt, flour, butter, into the bowl.

Some sugar for sweetness, and that's the goal.

I beat in the eggs and form the dough.

Into the mix, some chocolate chips go.

Lost in the process, I start to smile,

Baking is comfortable, I've been doing it for a while.

I spread out my dough on a baking sheet,

Then into the oven to cook in the heat.

Fifteen minutes pass quicker than I thought,

This is much better than anything store-bought.

Out come scones, soft and steaming.

Was I sad? Because now I'm beaming.


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