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Makes my heart cry aloud Softly at first then louder
You have one life, one chance, one take, and one shot Why settle for anything less than what is the best If you won't have it someone surely will have it You have as good a chance as anyone to have it
In the darkness, I feel lost and weary I have to gasp, reach for a single breath. The pressure grows, truly it is scary I turn face so as to not embrace death.   The night goes on and the monster whispers
Dear my most persistent hardships and my unyielding struggles,
Dear God, Your truth is all consuming, And your salvation greater still, Than any human effort, And all of human will.   I care, though, kindly to ask, How you our sole creator,
Lay in bedTry to drown out my thoughts With music written from hurt Think of the walkAnd what I would have saidIf emotions were in check
I cannot leave. There are chains, I think. My hands are bound behind my back.   Realization flips on completely, But it does nothing to hinder the chains.  Resolve flickers off.
I wake to the sound of silenceThe absence of my screamingThe absence of your shoutsThe absence of my bed squeakingThe absence o your moans.There are no violent rips of clothingNo slimy lick of the tongue
It starts here Right now Your determination Returns And your goals Are ever clearer It's within your grasp But will you take it? Your dreams in reach If you just stretch
Recall hardships, testing heroes strength. Adamantium saved him, but his resolve won the day. It makes the man, a will to fight, so to say. Swords can cut and slay, but without an edge
You take the knife and you take the blade You dig it in and draw some blood But it’s time to stop, your night is made. Listen and let the tears flood.
Do you feel like you don’t belong? Can you shake the feeling of something wrong? Do you always feel alone? Even when you talk on the telephone?
Something that I can't live without is the idea that my child knows I love her, and that I'm sorry.   I was 23, too young to be Your mother Living a life Wild and free Reckless, like any other
She has a full tank of gas, but she's running out of time.
Black or White, Asian or Mexican, in the end we are all only human. It's not about the color of the skin, or even the personalities within.  You can't judge a book by cover, 
A time of trouble, a time of doubt, none is hopeful, I fear the crowds. Alone I was, until I saw, not everyone is the same, there is hope for all.
So sure, I think about it sometimes
OutsideThe entirety of my resolve runs with the river of tears thatTrickle, thenAfter a brief moment of suspenseBreak free, carvingCruel lines down my ravaged cheeks, a howling flood letLoose. My eyes are
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