To Those Who Hurt Me

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 02:34 -- v_erb

Lay in bed
Try to drown out my thoughts
With music written from hurt

Think of the walk
And what I would have said
If emotions were in check

To those who hurt me :
Forgiveness does not flow from my soul
But how could you understand?

Selfish. Thoughtless. Rude.
Your choice cut me deeper than you know
Sometimes the tiniest decisions, have the greatest effect

Forever crumpled
Every action folding the paper of relationship
Trust, ever to be repaired?

And to you, sir
Though you do your job
You cause me such grief

My opinion of your type
Never to falter
I will always despise seeing you

Anxiety in waves
Panic with the sharpest weapons
I mourn that I was defeated

I have the key to destroy you
To lock you away.
Will I use the Healer in my heart?

Protector. Defender. Savior.
I am nothing without the One
Who holds the whole world in His hands

Why must I insist on earthly guidance,
I am loved by Love itself
All I need is to speak.

Sort my thoughts, no
What I need is to call upon my Lord,
My Father, my friend, my strength

To those who hurt me :
I pray that seeds of forgiveness plant in my heart
Growing into trees of faith, hope, and love.

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